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Multi Sintesi


Keyboard Synthesizer SY 99 Yamaha EX PRO
Keyboard Synthesizer DX 7 II Yamaha EX
Keyboard Synthesizer D 50 Roland EX
Module Synthesizer D 550 EX Roland EX + Multi
Keyboard Synthesizer SH 101 Roland Midi
Keyboard Synthesizer CZ 101 Casio
Keyboard Synthesizer CS 15 D Yamaha
Keyboard Synthesizer Cruise Siel
Module Synthesizer K 2000 R Kurzweil EX
Module Synthesizer K 2500 RS Kurzweil EX
Module Synthesizer JV 1080 Roland EX
Module Synthesizer JV 2080 Roland EX
Module Synthesizer TG 55 Yamaha
Module Synthesizer Microwave XT Waldorf EX
Module Synthesizer Q Rack Waldorf EX
Module Synthesizer Virus Consolle Access EX
Synthesizer Virus KC Access + Virus B e C Consolle
Virus TI Polar Synthesizer Access EX PRO
Virus TI Keyboard Synthesizer Access EX PRO
Synthesizer Roland V Synth GT V2 Elastic Audio AP Synthesis “Engine Technology Cosm”
Synthesizers Roland Gaia Synthesis Virtual Analog
Synthesizer Workstation Korg M3 Xpanded Synthesis MMT “Multiple Modeling Technology”
Synthesizer Workstation Motif XF 6 Synthesis Music Production Synthesizer Technology
Synthesizer Workstation Korg Kronos X Advanced Vector Synthesis Music Production Synthesizer Technology
Analog Synthesizer Polysynth Roland Jupiter 8 Hi Performance
The New Ultimate Jupiter 80
Synthesizer Hi Performance Analog Roland Jupiter 4 Compuphonic
Workstation Tyros 2 Arranger ecc. Yamaha EX PRO
Synthesizer PPG Wave e Waveterm
Synthesizer Oberheim Eight Voice
Synthesizer Modular Moog 3 C
Modular Synth or NASA Command Console
Modular Synthesizer Roland System 700 and Sequencer Roland MC8
Modular Doepfer Super Modular A 100
Synthesizer Waldorf Wave
Synthesizer Moog Minimoog
Synthesizer Groove Machine Spectralis
Synthesizer Controller Ligthning III Buchla
Groove Machine Roland MC 909
Groove Machine Roland MC 808
Groove Sample Drum Machine Yamaha RM 1 X Remixer Sequencing
Module New Synthesizer VZ 10 M Casio
Module A 5000 Sampling Yamaha separate Output Optical EX PRO
Mini Keyboard Synthesizer Micro Korg Vocoder
Module Drum Machine D 4 Alesis
Module Effects Quadraverb 2 Pro Alesis
Module Multifex Pro Behringer
Module Multicom Pro Behringer
Mixer 18 Ch Routing System Etek AD 1823 Efx Pro TC Electronics
Midi Patch bay MJC 8 Yamaha
Mixer CR 16 / 04 Ch 16 Mackie
Power Play Pro XL - HA 4700 Behringer Headphone Amplifier
Professional Digital Audio Tape - DA 40 e 45 HR MK II Teac
Professional Audio Tape Stereo Cassette Deck - V 8030 S Teac
Power Play Pro XL - HA 4700 Behringer
Professional Digital Audio Tape - DA 40 MK II Teac
Professional Audio Tape Stereo Cassette Deck - V 8030 S Teac
PC Autocostruito con Prg Nuendo - Logic Cubase e Tanti Plug In Efx e Synth
Prossima Realizzazione PC Professional con Virtual Synthesizer e Sequencers